Going forward, we will have multiple contributors to our blog. The author of some of our posts will be identified, particularly when it is relevant. This is one such post. The author of this post is Angie Stephenson. It is important that you know that, because in this post I want to share some well-deserved recognition that my partner, Deana Fleming, recently received.

On May 10, 2018, Deana was given a very special and prestigious award by the North Carolina Bar Association. She was awarded the very first Children’s Champion Award offered by the Children’s Rights and Juvenile Justice section. This award is a great honor, especially for Deana, who has dedicated her legal career to advocating for children and their families through direct representation and system reform in North Carolina.

Deana and I worked together closely for the ten years I was a child welfare attorney for the Office of the North Carolina Attorney General. I represented the North Carolina Division of Social Services’ Child Welfare Section, and Deana spent twelve years as counsel to the North Carolina Guardian ad Litem Program. She and I were on various committees together, including two important Court Improvement Program (CIP) committees: the CIP Juvenile Code Drafting Subcommittee and the CIP Training Subcommittee.

Both of these were truly working committees, and we, along with the other members, worked long hours together. During this time, I came to know Deana as someone with a sharp legal mind, a deep commitment to the work, and an uncommon sense of organization. These were great attributes in her former role that translate well to our current law practice at Stephenson & Fleming, LLP. Deana is someone you can rely on. She will always give you her best. She is decisive, even when dealing with complex issues. She knows the law and the importance of family.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to continue to work with Deana. She is an extraordinary person and law partner. Please join me in celebrating her recent accomplishment.
More information about Deana’s career and this specific award can be found here on the NC Bar Association’s website.

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